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 Location: Normandy/Brittany Border, France.  Grid Reference: 48� 38' 10" N, 1� 30' 40" W


      Mont St. Michel: (Pilgrimage Site).

Rising to over 500 ft high, the Island of Mont St. Michel silhouettes the sky creating a living work of art of gigantic proportions on a canvas of sky, rock and sea. The site has remained a religious sanctuary since at least the middle-ages, and became an important European pilgrimage site (for Miquelots).

The island is composed of granite, along with several others in the area, which stand out in what is generally a low-lying country. (2)

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   Mont St. Michel: (Previously 'Mont Tombe', 'Tomb Hill').

According to legend, an enormous tidal wave swept over the area, transforming it completely at the beginning of the 8th century. From the middle ages onwards, the island was dedicated to the worship of the archangel Saint-Michael. In 708 AD, following several visions, the Bishop Aubert sent messengers to Monte Gargano to return with sacred objects (a piece of his red cloak, and a fragment of the alter where he had placed his feet), in order to sanctify the rock and its establishments. (2). Each century since then, the buildings have gained in size and grandeur, reaching their present stature.



The main section of the structure is orientated at 26north of true-east (the same as that of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris). This orientation can be followed in both directions creating an alignment with Mont Dol to the SW (The place where St. Michael is reputed to have fought Lucifer), and to d'Avranches to the SE (The original home of Bishop Aubert, to whom St. Michael appeared and ordered the rock dedicated in his name).

Mont St Michel.

Dol Breton - Mont St. Michel - D'Avranches Alignment. (Azimuth 26�)


Mont St. Michel is clearly visible on the horizon from the top of Mont Dol.



As well as the alignment above, which is clearly solar in nature. Mont St. Michel is also claimed to be aligned to several other sites dedicated to St. Michael. It is said to run from Mont Carmel in Israel (the rock of the prophet Eli), then passes through Delos and Delphi (both oracle sites dedicated to Apollo), Corfu (where Artemis, the sister of Apollo lived), Monte Gargano in Italy (the primary European sanctuary of St. Michael and where he appeared several times), La Sacra di San Michele in Pi�mont, the celebrated Benedictine monastery over 1000m high, Mont St. Michel in Normandy, Saint Michael's mount off the point of Cornwall, and Skellig Michael, an island to the south of Ireland (1). This remarkable alignment is only visible on a Mercatorial map, suggesting a knowledge of longitude and latitude.

The European St. Michael's Alignment.

It is a curious coincidence that Mont St. Michel is situated exactly 7.5� South of Glastonbury, (Also called St. Michael's Mount), and which is both topped by the St. Michaels chapel and lies on the St. Michael's ley. Glastonbury is related to several other significant megalithic monuments in Britain, both geometrically and in terms of longitude and latitude.

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1) Alain Dag' Naud. Les Secrets Du Mont Saint-Michel. 1992. Editions Jean-Paul Gisserot.
2) Lucien Bely. Mont St. Michel. 1999. Editions Ouest-France.

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