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Welcome to ancient-wisdom.


...'Exploring the frontiers of Prehistory'...


The current archaeological 'renaissance' is unearthing the past at an unprecedented rate, with whole new chapters of history being revealed each year. While most discoveries are mundane, there are some which have something new to tell us about who we are. They echo in testimony to our ingenuity, aspiration and our relationship with the universe within which we find ourselves.

Archaeology has allowed us to journey into the physical past,  but it has also created a forum for a dialogue within as we begin to reveal what lies beyond the physical presence of such artefacts and structures. One of the main objectives of this website therefore, is to seek out and question the wisdom of our ancestors in relation to the world we live in  today and ask the simple question:

'...Is this really the best we can do..?'.


   Site Objectives:

 The objectives of ancient-wisdom have changed little since the site began in 2005. They are as follows:

  1. A clarification of certain 'modern myths' and 'ancient mysteries'.

  2. Bridging the gap between modern myth and scientific discovery.

When I first began ancient-wisdom, i was driven by my own personal interest in the field of prehistory. In particular, I wanted a clarification of certain 'modern myths' being propagated in popular literature. From the outset, it became apparent how little is still known about the events of prehistory, being a relatively new field in itself... and one which has already revealed the predominance of an absence of facts in the record.

The lack of conclusion over certain ancient artefacts has exposed a division between the literature of academics who are restricted from free thinking, and the non-academic enthusiasts who have no restrictions; a situation which has resulted in a confused public perception of prehistory. It is this very absence of fact that has produced so many false assumptions in the past, and therefore deserves to be tackled openly and without prejudice.

   3.    Exploring if and how  ancient wisdom can be used to benefit us today.

We live in a world on the brink of perpetual war, poverty, crime, over-consumption and exploitation of our natural resources. The call for a 'civilised' world has been met at a phenomenal cost, and one that we know cannot be sustained indefinitely. Although the emphasis in popular literature is traditionally concerned with the physical 'abilities' of our ancestors, there are other aspects of the human journey being revealed which are less commercial but which are arguably more important - such as the evolution of the mind and the quest for a higher spiritual state.



   Who's behind ancient-wisdom ?

The content of the ancient-wisdom pages was originally written by edited by Alex Whitaker (BSc Hons) and now owned and run by Scott & Elaine Jones.

Whilst I have not received any training in prehistory, I respect the value of empirical research and have attempted to maintain a fully referenced academic standard throughout. At the same time as recording my own personal journey into the world of prehistory, I have seen the volume of traffic to the site continue to rise each year - a pattern which has followed since it began. This unexpected fact has inspired me to continue improving both the look and the depth of content in a more dedicated and professional manner.

'...We hope you enjoy it as much as we have...'

Scott & Elaine Jones





   Contact Details:


All General Enquiries:





An ancient-wisdom page has been created on facebook (for a trial period) in order to explore the idea that a platform for positive people has the potential to produce positive results. Please feel free to visit and leave your comments about the site. It has always been my hope to make this an interactive site and I welcome involvement from anyone with valid suggestions or criticisms of the website. I am also always on the look-out for interesting discoveries, links and material to enhance the content and generally improve the quality of ancient-wisdom.

Using Images:

If you wish to use any of the images from the website or obtain larger copies, please have the courtesy to ask first. I will usually say yes, in return for being credited in return.


Reciprocal Links:

If you have a website with similar content and would like to create a reciprocal link with ancient-wisdom, please (Contact-Us) with your details.

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   Funding the ancient-wisdom Website:

The ancient-wisdom website has been growing steadily in both traffic and content since it began.

One of the main priorities, especially in light of its growth as an online referencing tool, is to maintain 100% FREE access to the world-wide-web at all times. If you have enjoyed ancient-wisdom and would like to contribute to its continued presence, there are two main ways that you can become involved.


Advertising/Sponsoring the Site:

A banner space has been reserved at the bottom of each page for exclusive advertising/sponsorship of individual pages on the site.

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In addition, if you have enjoyed the site, and would like to contribute to its continued upkeep and improvement, please feel free to donate something here. All moneys collected are used entirely for the upkeep and maintenance of the ancient-wisdom website.

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