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 Location: N17, Rio Torto, Nr Olivera de Hopital.  Grid Reference: 39 14' 00'' N, 7 40' 00'' W.


Rio Torto, Portugal: (ancient-wisdom.com)      Anta da Pedra da Orca: (Passage Mound).

This spectacular dolmen is one of several built beside the Rio Mondego.

It stands over 3m tall, and one can still just make out the shape of the mound that would have once covered it.

The  edges of the passage stones demonstrate that they were prepared for other well-fitting stones. This was not just a collection of stones.

A large vein of quartz runs through one of the stones, suggesting the specific selection of stone.

(Location Map of the site)


   Anta da Pedra da Orca: (Rio Torto Dolmen)


Gallery of Images:

The Rio Torto dolmen opens out to face the Serra D'estrella's in the distance.


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