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 Location: Off the N17, Bobadela, Nr Olivera do Hopital.  Grid Reference: 40.362˚ N, 7.893˚.


      Pinheiro dos Abracos: (Passage Mound).

Discovered in 1966, there is just enough of this Neolithic structure left to identify that it was originally a small, covered passage-mound.

Only 5 of the 8 uprights reported in the 1980's remain.

Arrow heads, polished stones-axes, and fragments of pottery were discovered in the excavation.

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   Pinheiro dos Obracos: (Anta da Bobadela).

(Classified by Decree 26 - A/92, DG 126 of 01-06-1992).

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The passage walls have the appearance of collapsing inwards, although it is likely that this was an original design feature.




 Faces SE. (A feature common to many Portuguese dolmens).

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