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 Location: Paranhos da Beira, Seia.  Grid Reference: 40.41� N,  7.70� W.


Anta de Paranhos da Beira, Portugal      Anta da Paranhos da Beira: (Dolmen).


Although this little dolmen is in a sorry state today, it is  still worth a visit.

Like many Portuguese dolmens, it is composed of nine uprights covered with a single capstone. Traces of Red-Ochre and a drawing of an animal were announced in 1985.

This dolmen is on private land so please respect it and leave it as you found it.



   Anta da Paranha da Beira:

('Anta do Font�o', 'Casa dos Mouros')

The principal Dolmen (Anta) of 6 that exist in the region.

The others are known as the �Or�a do Pinhal do Cruzeiro�, �Casa dos Moiros do Chaveiral�, �Casa dos Moiros de Valdeiv�o�, �Casa dos Moiros de Cadimes� and �Casa das Moiras da Coutada�.

Declared a National monument in 1910, this unimposing Anta is constructed with 9 standing-stones, all 2m high, and around 2.8m diameter. The entrance is orientated to the east.

Traces of Neolithic art were discovered by Silva, EJL da in 1985, which included an animal of some kind. (1)



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Anta de Paranhos



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1). SILVA, EJL da (1985) - Noticia sobre a descoberta de novas pinturas rupestres no dolmen de Font�o (Paranhos da Beira). Trabalhos de Antropologia e Etnologia . Porto. 25, p. 381-386.


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