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 Location: Fornos de Algodres, Matana.  Grid Reference: 40� 40' 04" N, 01� 35' 01" W.


      Anta da Matan�a: (Dolmen).

This relatively small dolmen is believed to have been constructed during the Neolithic era (c. 2900-2640 B.C).

The dolmen has nine support stones, but has no corridor or evidence of a mound. It was studied by Jose Leite Vasconcelos in 1896 and finds from the site (arrow heads, stone beads, pottery, and an idol) were transferred to the Museum Etnogr�fico Portugu�se.

At least two of the stones have markings on them (see below)

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   Anta da Matan�a:


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Engraving (of a shepherds crook..?) from inside the dolmen.


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