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 Location: Seixo da Beira, Nr Olivera do Hospital.  Grid Reference: 40˚ 28' 00'' N.  7˚ 48' 00'' W.


      Anta da Arcainha: (Passage Mound).

Even though this monument has been greatly restored, it still retains some of its former majesty. It is supported by 9 uprights around 3-4m high. The beautifully shaped capstone is around 0.3m x 3.5m x 4m, and still sits almost perfectly horizontal on top of the uprights. The site opens out to the south-east, offering a superb view of the Serra d'estrella mountain range. This dolmen is probably a peripheral structure of the Orca complex, on the other side of the River Mondego.

Some of the stones are the product of restorative work, and are actually moulded concrete.

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   Anta da Arcainha:


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The restored stones of the passage.


Anta da Acrainha, Portugal (ancient-wisdom.com)

View of the Serra d'Estrella's in the distance.


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